Frequently asked questions about hiring the Tamahere Community Centre:

1What is the hall hire fee?

It depends what area you would like.  You can rent the whole building for $600 for the day.  Or you can rent the main gym for $35 an hour restricted to maximum of 35 people and a maximum of two hours.

We also hire out our two Meeting Rooms for classes, meetings, workshops, training courses, etc. The down stairs Meeting Room has a capacity for up to 57 with a further 55 if the foyer is used. The upstairs Meeting Room is suitable for smaller groups of up to 30 people, having a limited kitchen facility.

Downstairs Meeting Room
$150 ( for up to 5 hours) $300 for a full day. Community Discounts may apply.
$30 for an evening meeting.

Upstairs Meeting Room
$65 (for up to 5 hours ) 85 for a full day.
$30 for an evening meeting.

Both Meeting Rooms -  Whole Building $600 per day.

What we provide:

  • 30 rectangle tables (180 CM x80 CM ) Seat 6
  • 20 round tables ( 180 CM Diameter )Seat 10
  • 300 black chairs and 70 plastic chairs
  • Standard Oven
  • 4 Stove Tops
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Continuous zip
  • Warming/pie warmer
  • 2 Fridge freezer
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Floor mop
  • We DO NOT supply cups, cutlery, plates, tablecloths, tea towels etc.
  • You also need to bring your own cleaning equipment& supplies to wipe the chairs and tables at the end of your event.
3Do you have a sound system?

No, we don’t.

4How many people does the hall fit?

The hall seats 330 people comfortably and up to 600 people maximum.

5Before I book can I visit the venue and look around?

Absolutely, please email Lisa, the booking coordinator, via the website to make a time to come and visit.

6What do I need to do to book my function?

Complete and send the booking form from our website. You will receive an email from the booking coordinator to let you know if the date is available. Once you receive an email that the date is available, please follow the instructions on the website to pay the refundable bond of $1,000.00. Bookings for events are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

7What am I responsible for at the start of the function?

The hirer needs to:

  1. Place carpet squares under all tables and chairs, to protect the floor.
8What am I responsible for at the end of the function?

The hirer needs to:

  1. Take down tables, wipe them down and stack together, in the side storage room.
  2. Wipe down chairs and then stack them in the side storage room.
  3. Vacuum & spot clean the carpet squares. After rolling the carpet pieces, return to the storage room, using the carpet trolleys provided.
  4. Take down all decorations
  5. Sweep the floor with the big brooms we provide
  6. Remove all rubbish including paper, food, bottles and cans from the hall, kitchen, bathrooms, front foyer and outside the venue.
  7. Mop all the floors, clean the kitchen and the bathrooms including all surfaces.
  8. You must leave it as you found it, and nothing is left behind.

Leaving the hall in an unsatisfactory state may result in the forfeiture of your bond.

9Does my function need to end at midnight?

Yes. Music must finish by midnight and guests need to leave shortly after. Please be respectful of local residents when leaving and keep noise to a minimum.

10Can we set up the evening before the function?

Sometimes this is possible if we do not have another function booked. Please discuss this with the booking coordinator. There will be an extra charge for this which the booking coordinator will advise.

11Can we clean-up the day after the function or do we need to have everything cleaned before we leave?

Sometimes this is possible if we do not have another function on the next day. Please discuss this with the booking coordinator.

12Can I hang decorations?

You are not able to use staples, nails or tacks. If you damage the paintwork bond money will be taken to cover repair costs.

13What is upstairs? Can I use this space? Is this space off limits for hirers?

This area can only be used if you have hired the Whole Building, or have paid specifically for this area.

14Where can people park?

Your guests can park in the parking spaces provided.

15What kind of music is allowed?

We allow any type of music (bands, DJ’s, Juke Box, etc.…) but the TCC is in a residential area, so you need to be aware of noise restrictions. This is not the place to have very loud music. By keeping the doors shut, you can keep the noise down.

16Do you have an actual noise policy?

Yes – Where there is excessive noise resulting in a “Direction To Abate Excessive Noise notice” being issued pursuant to Section 327 of the Resource Management Act 1991 to the person hiring the TCC or their representative, then the TCC Committee shall withhold the Hall Hire Bond. PLEASE NOTE: A warning will not be given. If Noise Control is called, and they deem the noise excessive, a notice will be served, and you will lose your bond. Any verified complaints from neighbours regarding disorderly and/or noisy behaviour from the hall building or outside areas will result in the forfeiture of your bond.

17Do you have the measurements of the hall?

Yes. A document detailing all the measurements is available on the website. When a booking is made, the document is emailed to you as well.

18Do I need an alcohol permit?

No alcohol is to be sold on the premises unless you apply for your own temporary license. If you are just supplying alcohol to your guests (i.e. they have not purchased a ticket to attend your function) then you do not need a permit. You only need a permit when you are selling alcohol, and this must be submitted to the Waikato District Council at least 20 working days before your event.

19Where do I pick-up the key for my function?

When you pay the deposit the booking coordinator will send you a letter confirming receipt of this payment. In this letter, the key collection information will be provided. The alarm code for you to use, will be provided on collection of the key.

20When do I get my bond refunded?

As long as all the hall hire conditions are met and the key returned, we usually refund your bond payment in 7 working days. Holiday times can take a bit longer. Please makes sure the booking coordinator has your bank details.

Please contact the Booking Coordinator, Lisa, by filling out the booking enquiry form on our website – this does not make an actual booking, it is used to confirm availability and to ask any questions. Thank you for your interest in booking the Tamahere Community Centre for your next event!

21What size is the stage ?
The stage is 10 meters wide by 5 meters deep.